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Plumber Woodridge IL

Plumber Woodridge IL

Plumbing problems can be frustrating for homeowners, whether it’s a drain clog, toilet backing up, leaky flapper seal, or the need for prompt new water heater installation. On occasion, using plunger will be enough to clear away the blockage so the wastewater will start flowing again. Plumbing issues can certainly be a challenge if you don’t have any experience in dealing with them before. Especially because you won’t want to make a mistake that could damage something or even lead to flooding.

At A-Keveloh Plumbing Inc., we advise that you inspect the inner components of your toilets every few months to see if they are in adequate condition and still functioning well. This involves steps like flushing the toilet when the water closet lid is removed to see how the components are working, check that the flapper seals well, and that the valve shuts the water off at the proper level. If something looks off, or there are other problems with the toilet, then it might be the right time to call A-Keveloh to schedule toilet repair and maintenance by a plumber.

Here are some common toilet problems that typically require service from a professional Plumber Woodridge IL:

Slow Flushing
If you have been using your toilet for a long time but suddenly see that its flushing capabilities are slowing down, try using a plunger. If that does not help, however, then it indicates that there probably is no clog. Rather, it could be a warning sign of an obstruction somewhere within a drain pipe, which might be a distance from the toilet. Though you can continue using the toilet for a few days or even longer as you wait for the problem to resolve own its own, the situation might worsen and the toilet wastewater will eventually back up and spill over.

Toilet Clogged, Backing Up
If your toilet clogs, and you’ve tried a plunger but it’s not helping much, the problem is probably farther down in the system. You may attempt to clear the trap with a toilet snake. But if you notice water backing up into the bathroom sink or in the shower after you flush or the clog will not clear, call a Plumber Woodridge IL to fix it right away.

Plumber Woodridge IL

Cracks On the Bowl or Toilet
A toilet must be durable. However, accidents – such as dropping the lid or striking the toilet with an object – can potentially cause the tank or the bowl crack. Depending upon where the cracks are, your toilet could still be functional. Homeowners can easily buy and replace a damaged toilet lid or tank if they be sure to use an exact replacement. Because toilet bowls affix to the floor and connect to a waste exhaust pipe, replacing it yourself is somewhat tricky.
So, reach out to a Plumber Woodridge IL for assistance.

Floor Tiles Loose Near the Base of the Toilet
If your toilet appears to be unstable, it may indicate the floor around the base is softening. This is probably a result of moisture accumulation from a toilet leak or perhaps from other pipes that pass through your bathroom. It is difficult to comfortably use a toilet if the floor is not providing adequate support.

Furthermore, if the problem isn’t promptly fixed, the dampness might spread to other sections of the floor, doing additional damage like mold and rot. This can aggravate allergy symptoms and health issues. Call a licensed Plumber Woodridge IL as soon as you can to troubleshoot and implement repairs. This particular problem will probably require replacing the toilet wax ring, but there might also be other pressing issues.

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