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water heaters welco corners il

Water Heaters Welco Corners IL

At A-Keveloh Plumbing, we know it’s not always obvious when Water Heaters Welco Corners IL need repairs or when it’s simply time for a new unit. If your water heater isn’t working as well as it should, contact us today for professional service. If the water heater in your home is more than ten years old, or you don’t know when it was installed, consider replacing it soon. Most last about that long, so yours is most likely at the end of its service lifespan.

Another sure sign you need a new water heater is if the water looks rusty.

Other clues you’ll want to contact A-Keveloh for a new water heater include:

-No hot water at all. You switch on the sink or shower but the water doesn’t get warm. This can be due to a couple of factors. It could be that a circuit breaker has tripped, or the pilot light is out. On the other hand, your hot water heater could simply be kaput.

-Sediment collecting at the bottom of the tank. Gritty or muddy water can indicate that sediment is building up in the water heater. In some situations, it’s possible to drain the tank and restore your water heater to functional condition.

-Strange odors. This is a clear sign when Water Heaters Welco Corners IL are breaking down along with flakes and grit from the causing discoloration of the water supply.

-Problems with the thermostat. Water that gets warm – yet doesn’t get warm enough – can be a sign that the unit’s heating element is burning out. Check to see that the temperature is set between 120 and 140 degrees. A lower setting will probably not provide sufficiently warm water.